Police shoot woman during violent traffic stop

In a dramatic incident in Phoenix, police officers responded to a suspicious vehicle report on May 22nd. The call came in around 7:30 in the evening, launching the tense sequence of events.

Upon arriving at the reported location, officers identified the suspect vehicle. They tried initiating a traffic stop as a result. Instead of complying, the driver chose to evade the police, thereby escalating the situation.

To halt the attempted escape, police employed a grappling device near 19th Avenue and Phelps Road, effectively immobilizing the vehicle. However, the confrontation took a dangerous turn when the driver, a woman, allegedly brandished a handgun and aimed it at an officer. In response to the perceived threat, the police opened fire, striking the woman.

Following the shooting, the woman complied with the officers’ commands, allowing them to take her into custody without further incident. The police subsequently arranged for her transport to a hospital for her gunshot wound. The woman, while seriously injured, is reportedly in stable condition.

Sergeant Rob Scherer reported on the incident, assuring the public that despite the precarious situation, no officers were injured during the confrontation. As the investigation continues, further details about the case remain withheld.