Pregnant woman shot dead at Houston birthday party

A tragic incident unfolded at a birthday party near Houston’s Sunnyside, resulting in the death of a pregnant woman and multiple injuries. The Houston Police Department reported that the shooting occurred in Margaret Jenkins Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. While the exact cause of the altercation remains unclear, investigators believe a fight escalated, leading to over 30 gunshots being fired. The victim’s family, who witnessed the horrifying incident, identified her as 21-year-old Autumn Vallian. The deceased woman was five months pregnant at the time.

According to Assistant Chief E. Garcia, the Houston Police Department’s ShotSpotter technology detected a total of 36 shots fired during the incident. Emergency services rushed three individuals, including two suspects, to the hospital, while a fifth person sustained a graze wound and did not require medical attention. Authorities are actively pursuing leads to identify any additional suspects involved in the shooting.

Autumn Vallian’s family revealed that they were present at the park to celebrate a birthday when the situation took a tragic turn. Autumn’s mother, Ebony Vallian, expressed her familiarity with most of the attendees, considering them friends. Ebony recounted the events leading up to the shooting, stating that as they were preparing to leave, a dispute erupted. One man brandished a firearm, prompting the girlfriend of another individual to retrieve her own weapon. The argument escalated, resulting in gunfire exchanged between the two parties.

Ebony Vallian shared her heart-wrenching account of the moment she realized her daughter had been shot. As she turned around, Autumn lay on the ground, fatally wounded. Autumn, a young woman with aspirations of furthering her education and securing employment, was abruptly taken away from her family. Ebony mourned the loss of her firstborn, expressing the devastating impact of this senseless act of violence.

Authorities are urging anyone that has information about the fatal incident to contact the Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division. The investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement officials are determined to bring those responsible for Autumn Vallian’s death to justice.