Quadruple shooting breaks out at Alabama bar

Early Sunday morning in Birmingham, Alabama, a chaotic gunfight broke out. Four individuals were shot and injured near a popular local bar.

The victims comprised of three men and an unidentified woman. They were injured in the vicinity of Tin Roof, a well-known watering hole located within Birmingham’s bustling Lakeview Entertainment District.

While an off-duty police officer was working within the premises of Tin Roof, a frantic individual stormed into the establishment alerting the officer of a shooting outside around 12:45 a.m.

Upon investigating, authorities found a man injured from gunshot wounds and a woman who had been grazed by a bullet in the nearby parking lot. Shortly thereafter, an SUV hastily left the scene. However, it was promptly intercepted not far from the bar.

Police discovered two severely wounded men in the intercepted vehicle, one of whom was facing life-threatening injuries. According to authorities, initial evidence indicated the likelihood of multiple shooters discharging a series of rounds.

Following the incident, all four victims were swiftly taken to a hospital for medical attention. The Tin Roof, meanwhile, was promptly shuttered in the aftermath of the shooting, despite patrons within the bar stating that they did not hear the gunfire before being requested to leave the premises.

As of now, the exact circumstances leading up to the violent event remain unclear, and authorities are diligently working to unearth more details. The investigation is ongoing.