Real estate tycoon found dismembered in Thai rental home freezer

The dismembered body of a German real estate tycoon, Hans Peter Mack, has been discovered stuffed inside a freezer in a rental home in Thailand. Mack, 62, had been missing since July 4, when his Thai wife reported that he failed to return home from a business meeting. Local reports indicate that his remains were found on Monday evening in a Pattaya home rented by a German friend of Mack. The shocking discovery has led to an ongoing investigation into his murder.

Authorities in Thailand have confirmed that the chopped-up body parts found in trash bags and stuffed in the freezer belong to Hans Peter Mack. The discovery was made after surveillance footage captured a black pick-up truck transporting the freezer, believed to be driven by foreign nationals. A neighbor, Rewat Rodchuen, revealed that a German man named Olaf and a German woman with a disability had been living in the rental home for approximately three months and were known associates of Mack. All three Germans have been taken in for questioning, and police suspect the involvement of Thai nationals in the killing as well.

Prior to the gruesome discovery, Mack’s abandoned car, a Mercedes-Benz E350, was found in a condominium parking lot. Investigators noted traces of either coolant or bleach on the car’s seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and gearbox. Pol Maj Gen Theerachai Chamnanmor, the investigative chief of the Provincial Police Region 2, stated that there was a clear intention to destroy evidence, leading them to believe that Mack’s disappearance was suspicious.

Mack’s family had offered a three-million-baht reward (approximately $85,900) for any information that could help locate him safely. His wife, Piraya Boonmak, revealed that he had failed to meet her for a scheduled lunch date. When she attempted to contact him, he did not answer but later texted her, claiming to be with a business client. Boonmak mentioned that Mack had never texted her during their five-year marriage, raising further concerns.

The investigation into Mack’s murder is ongoing, with authorities working to uncover the motive behind the crime and identify all individuals involved. The shocking nature of the case has sent shockwaves through the local community and raised questions about the safety of expatriates living in Thailand. The German Embassy in Bangkok is closely monitoring the situation and providing support to Mack’s family.