Runaway teen girl shoots herself in front of police officer who tried convincing her to go home

AURORA, KS – A horrific suicide took place on the evening of September 16. A 14-year-old girl, identified as Jaylee Chillson, took her own life in the presence of a local deputy sheriff after running away from her home earlier in the day. Chillson was attending an outdoor party in Aurora at the time of the fatal incident.

The Cloud County Sheriff’s Office had received a report of Chillson’s disappearance and dispatched a deputy to locate her. The deputy found Chillson at the party, which was attended by both college and high school students. He attempted to persuade her to return home, but the situation took a tragic turn when Chillson produced a firearm and shot herself.

The incident occurred near 210th R. and Lark Rd. in Aurora, according to a statement from the Cloud County Sheriff Department. The deputy had escorted Chillson to his patrol vehicle when she pulled out the firearm. The deputy did not draw his weapon, the department clarified.

Despite immediate life-saving efforts by the deputy and an off-duty firefighter who was present at the scene, Chillson was pronounced dead shortly after midnight. The incident was witnessed by multiple party attendees, adding to the traumatic event.

In the aftermath, the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office has sought the assistance of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to conduct an impartial death investigation, given the presence of their deputy during the shooting.

In response to the tragedy, a GoFundMe page has been established to raise funds for Chillson’s funeral service. The page encourages donations to help the grieving family cope with the financial burden and focus on healing after their devastating loss.