Security guard killed by suspected car thief

A security guard tragically lost his life on Friday in Preston Center, Dallas, during an altercation with an individual suspected of car theft. The incident has shocked local residents and workers, who are now questioning their safety.

The fatal shooting reportedly occurred at around 3:30 p.m. near a parking garage situated at the intersection of Westchester Drive and Luther Lane, according to the University Park Police. The upper deck of the Preston Center parking garage was sealed off, with crime scene tape and investigation markers delineating the area of the violent confrontation.

The gravely injured security guard was quickly transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, despite medical efforts, his injuries proved fatal.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported hearing a series of four gunshots.

Dallas Police have reported that the confrontation ensued when the security guard approached a man suspected of attempting a car break-in. The encounter escalated into a physical altercation, during which the guard was shot.

A witness-provided image from the scene shows a firearm discarded on the ground next to a damaged car. In the aftermath of the incident, the shooter allegedly fled the scene in a gold Toyota Camry.

Dallas Police are actively continuing their investigations into the fatal shooting.