Shooting at birthday party leaves 2 men dead

ACINTO CITY, TX – A house party in Jacinto City, Texas, turned violent in the early hours as gunfire brought the event to a deadly halt, resulting in two fatalities. Over 50 people were present at the scene at the time of the shooting, which occurred at a 21st birthday party on Muscatine Street.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed that local police were alerted about the situation around 1 a.m., encountering a chaotic scene with multiple attendees, including a live band. A neighbor, Laura Hearren, recounted hearing the sounds of gunshots, indicating a rapid succession of shots following an initial blast.

The authorities managed to transport two critically injured individuals, later identified as Christian Rangel, 30, and Candelario Gonzalez Jr., 22, to a local hospital. Unfortunately, both victims succumbed to their injuries.

The incident was likely spurred on by a “petty verbal altercation,” according to Sergeant Michael Ritchie of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Regrettably, the birthday lady will now have these tragic incidents tied to her future celebrations, he added.

Further observations from Hearren suggested a speedy exodus from the party scene, as she heard two vehicles leaving hastily after the gunshots.

At this time, law enforcement has not confirmed whether the victims were attendees at the party or involved in the conflict. They also suggest a potential third victim, an aspect still under inquiry.