Shooting at Walmart ends in double homicide

ANCHORAGE, AK – Sunday night brought tragedy to a Walmart in south Anchorage, where an unidentified man and woman were found dead in the parking lot. Anchorage police officials reported that the victims were discovered near the store’s entrance, behind two parked trucks.

Law enforcement found a firearm at the scene, suggesting that the victims were shot, with their statement issued late Sunday providing the initial details surrounding the incident. As described by the police, the tragic shooting appears to be an isolated event.

As the search for the suspect is ongoing with no current arrests, the investigation remains active and police are hesitant to release further information. According to police spokesperson Renee Oistad, more details will likely be disclosed on Tuesday.

Anchorage Police Department officer and crime scene team leader, Sean Keating, spoke to the Anchorage Daily News about the incident. Citing it as fortunate that no other bystanders were injured by the gunfire, he described the incident occurring right by the store’s main entrance as “just insane.”

The Walmart store was swiftly evacuated following the shooting and remained closed for the day. To steer clear of the crime scene, patrons were assisted by officers in accessing their vehicles.

In an effort to gather more information or surveillance footage, police are appealing to the public and also plan to cooperate with Walmart in acquiring the store’s surveillance video.