Shooting breaks out in mall food court

FORT WAYNE, IN – A shooting that occurred on Saturday afternoon at the Glenbrook Square Mall in Fort Wayne has resulted in the arrest of one man while another remains at large. The Fort Wayne Police Department is handling the incident.

Just past around 2:30 p.m., the shooting ensued at the mall’s food court. According to Sgt. Juan Gutierrez, the public information officer for the Fort Wayne Police Department, two armed men were involved in the incident, though only one opened fire. As a consequence, one victim suffered a gunshot wound to a lower extremity, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

The chaotic aftermath of the shooting led to another individual being hospitalized with a possible fracture. However, their condition is also reported as non-life-threatening.

Glenbrook Square Mall, located at 4201 Coldwater Road, was closed for the day due to the shooting, and citizens were advised to stay clear of the area. The police department issued an emergency alert just after 3 p.m. informing of the closure.

The alleged shooter, 22-year-old Brandon D. Key Jr., was seen being taken into custody near the mall at Dan’s Porch and Patio on Coldwater Road and North Clinton Street. Key faces preliminary charges, including two level 6 felonies and a misdemeanor charge for resisting law enforcement.

Although the mall had to be evacuated, Sgt. Gutierrez assured there is no immediate threat to the public. This shooting marks the third such incident at the Glenbrook Square Mall within the last year.