Shooting erupts outside of stadium after NFL game

MIAMI GARDENS, FL – A tragic end to the festivities of a football game resulted in one man fatally shot near the Hard Rock Stadium. Miami Gardens Police reported the incident occurred just before midnight on Sunday in a parking lot located across from the stadium. They had been alerted to claims of a man being shot.

When the law enforcement agents appeared at the scene, they discovered on-scene Miami-Dade Police units, assigned to the game, already attempting to revive the victim. Jae Jackson, a bystander who heard the gunfire and ran to aid the victim, described distressing scenes of the injured man’s labored breathing and their desperate hopes for his survival.

The victim continued breathing until Miami-Dade Fire Recuse arrived, confirming his death shortly after. The area around the Northwest 27th Avenue shopping center was restricted as investigators searched for evidence, with the body seen lying under a tarp in the early hours of Monday morning.

Initial investigations suggest an escalating verbal argument as the root of the horrific incident. The victim and his friends were navigating vehicular traffic when they locked horns with the suspect, resulting in a conflict. Jackson, the witness, suggested the victim’s group, identified as Dolphins fans, might have been striking the suspect’s vehicle.

Authorities state the suspect proceeded to leave their vehicle, shooting several rounds at the victim before making a quick escape. The shooting calamity followed shortly after the Dolphins’ defeat to the Buffalo Bills. Currently, police have not made any potential suspect identities public as the investigation continues.