Shooting near Six Flags leaves teen injured

AUSTELL, GA – Six Flags Over Georgia experienced a normal day of operations on Sunday following chaotic scenes just a day prior that included fights and a shooting incident in the park vicinity.

On Saturday, a crowd of approximately 500 to 600 people was seen disrupting the park, causing fights to break out, according to the Cobb County Police Department. Officers pursued the troublesome crowd out of the park onto Six Flags Parkway, near the South Service Road.

During this instance, gunfire erupted, targeting the police. Bullets hit a vacant Cobb County Patrol car. Amid the fight, a 15-year-old sustained gunshot wounds, according to reports from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. With his condition critical, the teenager was immediately transported to Grady Hospital.

On Sunday, park-goers like Barbara Goss and Shelby Crawford visited the park, seemingly unphased by the incident. Goss, a season pass holder, even pointed out the quieter ambiance of the park, despite the shuttered rides. On the other hand, Crawford seemed oblivious to Saturday’s ruckus, questioning if there had been a skirmish.

Incidents such as this, Goss explained, were not shocking in her experience living in Georgia.

It’s important to note that this was not the first instance of its kind in the area. On the park’s opening day on March 4, 2023, youth engaged in “inappropriate behavior” had been evicted from the park.

Meanwhile, Goss spotted an increased security presence in the park in the wake of Saturday’s incident but did not feel overly concerned. Despite the recent turmoil, other visitors like Jaz Cowan expressed satisfaction with the security measures in place and were confident in their decision to return to the park.

In response to the incident, Six Flags representatives asserted their dedication to maintaining a secure and enjoyable environment and enforcing a strict code of conduct for its visitors.

In a statement released, Six Flags clarified that although there was gunfire during the police activity, it was on South Service Road, which falls outside of the park’s jurisdiction and is not park property. The park maintains its zero-tolerance stance towards such activities.

As of Sunday, inquiries about any policy changes restricting minors’ access to the park without accompanying adults remained unanswered by Six Flags.