Shootout on busy highway leaves 4 people injured

BIRMINGHAM, AL – An intense firefight broke out on a busy interstate in Birmingham, Alabama, leaving four men injured on Friday afternoon, according to local police reports. A woman believed to be directly involved in the incident is currently in police custody.

The altercation took place on the southbound section of Interstate 59 at the 20th Street Ensley exit during heavy afternoon traffic at around 4:40 p.m., as per Birmingham police records. The police believe that the shooting was triggered by a dispute regarding a reportedly stolen vehicle.

Truman Fitzgerald, an officer from the Birmingham Police, explained that a group of people started following a vehicle they believed was stolen from them. All four men shot during the altercation were part of the pursuit, Fitzgerald confirmed. Thankfully, no bystanders were caught in the crossfire. First responders found two men at the scene with potentially life-threatening injuries. These individuals were in the allegedly stolen vehicle which was rendered inoperable due to the shooting. They were immediately rushed to the UAB Hospital by the Birmingham Fire & Rescue team.

The other two victims, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, managed to reach the UAB Hospital on their own, as per Fitzgerald. The four men are considered suspects in the case and the woman taken into custody is believed to be from their party. At this time, the ages of the victims have not been disclosed.

Officer Fitzgerald lamented the violent confrontation on the interstate. He reaffirmed that the parties involved should have alerted local authorities in recognition of a stolen vehicle, insisting, “That’s why we put on that uniform and that bullet-proof vest, to be put in those situations.”