Six suspects charged with newlywed’s shooting death

A tragic incident in Georgia that resulted in the death of an innocent man caught in gang-related crossfire has led to the charging of six individuals, including four teenagers.

The Albany Police Department revealed at a press conference on Wednesday that those facing charges in connection with the shooting death of Antwan Penn are: Nekhi Parks, 18, Montrez Nix, 17, Brian Massey Jr., 15, Nicholas Collier, 15, and siblings Donnellius Thomas, 22, and Zaydren Thomas, 20.

On March 18, Penn, 35, was fatally wounded in his vehicle, having been caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting with his wife, Courtney Duncan-Penn. The couple had been married for only four months at the time of the incident. Duncan-Penn was struck in the head by a bullet, but fortunately survived the ordeal.

Sgt. Lataevia Jackson provided further details, explaining that the six accused had been seeking retribution for a shooting that had targeted one of their residences just an hour prior. The tragic twist of fate unfolded as Penn and his wife were returning from a family function, their vehicle being mistaken for that of the earlier shooters.

The police confirmed that along with murder charges, the individuals involved will also face charges relating to gang activity. Penn, who is survived by his newlywed wife and five children, serves as a stark reminder of the devastating repercussions of such indiscriminate violence.