Stadium stampede leaves 6 people dead, nearly 100 more injured

NAIROBI, KENYA – A public holiday in Kenya took a tragic turn when a deadly stampede broke out. This incident resulted in at least six deaths and left around 100 people injured. The chaos occurred on Friday morning at the Kericho stadium in western Kenya, where thousands had gathered to celebrate the annual Mashujaa Day.

Mashujaa Day, also known as Heroes’ Day, is a significant event in Kenya. This year, the Kericho stadium was chosen as the venue to host the major holiday. There was a large crowd of people who were eager to participate in the celebrations. The stampede was triggered when the crowd rushed to enter the stadium at dawn. Health officials have voiced concerns that the number of fatalities may increase as time goes on due to the extensive injuries that some of the stampede victims endured.

Festus Kirui, a local media cameraman who witnessed the fatal incident, painted a grim picture of the scene. He described how the rain-soaked ground turned into a muddy trap. Because of the thick mud, people’s shoes were getting stuck and bodies were piling up as people struggled to escape the chaos.

Interestingly, President William Ruto, who addressed the crowd at the stadium a few hours after the incident, made no mention of the stampede. His speech was centered around his plans for a universal healthcare system. It is yet to be confirmed whether Ruto was aware of the incident when he made his address.