Stepfather accused of killing teen stepson remains in custody over parole violation

Tyresse Minter, the Bronx stepfather accused of killing his 15-year-old stepson, has been ordered to remain in custody on a parole violation.

He was previously released without bail last month, despite being indicted on manslaughter and homicide-related charges.

This decision sparked outrage, including from Governor Kathy Hochul, leading to Minter’s arrest for a parole violation and his subsequent incarceration ordered by another Bronx judge.

During the hearing, medical examiner Cynthia Harris testified about the autopsy performed on Minter’s stepson, Corde Scott, and the signing of his death certificate. Harris stated that the cause of death was homicide due to oxygen deprivation caused by neck compression.

Minter’s court-appointed attorney, Michelle McGrath, argued that the city’s Department of Correction and Community Supervision had not met the burden to continue Minter’s remand.

McGrath claimed the death was a “tragic accident” and pointed to Scott’s sickle-cell condition, which may have contributed to his death. She also argued that Minter was attempting to take a knife away from the teenager, who was experiencing a suicidal episode, when the fatal incident occurred.

However, Parole Revocation Officer Patrice Brathwaite sided with the Department of Correction and Community Supervision, ruling that Minter violated a probation term prohibiting him from using excessive force in physical contact. Minter is scheduled for a final parole hearing later this month.