Surveillance footage shows employee shot at liquor store during armed robbery

A shocking incident took place at a liquor store in Bucktown, Illinois. At a local liquor store, a shooting was captured by surveillance cameras in a newly released video. The footage reveals a dramatic robbery and shooting that has left a store clerk fighting for his life. The suspects remain at large.

In the heart of Bucktown, customers were going about their business at Bucktown Food and Liquor when two masked men, dressed in black and armed, entered the store. Oblivious to the danger lurking, the customers willingly handed over their wallets and raised their hands in surrender. However, as the store clerk reached into his pockets, shots rang out, shattering the plexiglass barrier and striking the employee.

The victim, a 26-year-old employee, was rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. The incident has left the community in shock, as the clerk was known for his dedication and had never encountered any issues with customers before. Diptesh Patel, the owner of Bucktown Food and Liquor, expressed his disbelief and sorrow over the incident, emphasizing that they had complied with the robbers’ demands. Patel now faces the daunting task of finding ways to protect his customers and staff from future tragedies.

The shooting occurred in close proximity to the office of 1st Ward Alderman Daniel La Spata, who expressed shock and anger at the incident. La Spata called for justice for the victims and their community, demanding that the perpetrators be held accountable. Meanwhile, the police investigation is ongoing, with no arrests made thus far.
The search for justice continues as authorities work to locate the suspects that are responsible for this dangerous shooting.