Suspect Allegedly Blames the Devil for Elderly Neighbor’s Murder

Tamorian Taye Moore, 23, is accused of murdering his 81-year-old neighbor, Leonard Foster, in Austin, Texas. Despite claiming that the devil was responsible for the crime, the police maintain that Moore killed the elderly man.

Foster was reported missing on February 18, which was also his 81st birthday. Officers received a call from Foster’s relatives who found the front door of his apartment unlocked, and he was not there.

An hour later, another caller informed the officers that Foster’s truck had returned to the apartment complex. Moore was allegedly operating it, and he was seen putting black trash bags in the vehicle while wearing latex gloves.

The police arrived at the scene two hours after the initial call and detained Moore after they found him carrying a black trash bag over his shoulder. They also discovered a handgun in his pants pocket, and he had a door key.

Moore’s shoes smelled strongly of cleaning products, according to officers. Bloodstains were found on a pillow and paper towels inside the trash bag he had. Additionally, jugs of bleach were discovered in an apartment he had been leaving.

Although Moore claimed to live in the apartment complex, he did not disclose the unit he resided in. He alleged to live “across from a pedophile” who had been “watching him since he moved in.” This neighbor, he claimed, attempted to “seduce” and “rape” him. Police believe this was a reference to Foster.

Despite claiming not to know the whereabouts of Foster’s body and denying killing him, officers found the victim’s body in Moore’s apartment. Foster’s body was wrapped in blankets, his feet bound, and his head sticking out. The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Foster died of blunt force trauma, with cuts on his body.

Moore is being held on a $1 million bond at the Travis County Jail. The Austin Police Department has not disclosed any motive for the killing or further details.