‘Suspicious Death’ Under Investigation After Woman Was Found Dead on Carnival Cruise Ship

FBI investigators are probing the suspicious death of a woman who died onboard a Carnival cruise ship in the Bahamas. The woman was found unresponsive on board the Sunshine vessel, and despite medical personnel’s attempts to revive her, she was pronounced dead.

The incident occurred during a voyage to Nassau on February 27th. FBI officials have said that the death was isolated and that there was no threat to any other passengers.

An FBI Evidence Response Team processed the passenger’s room after the ship returned to Charleston port on March 4th. The FBI investigates certain crimes on the high seas, as well as suspicious deaths of US citizens.

A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line claimed that the company was fully cooperating with authorities in the Bahamas and Charleston, where the ship returned after the incident.

Both the deceased and her husband had already been debarked in Nassau, where Bahamian authorities had investigated the circumstances and conducted an autopsy.

The FBI’s investigation into the mysterious death is ongoing.