Teen boy arrested for allegedly murdering his family

MIRAMONTE, CA – A teenage boy, 14, was apprehended on Friday under suspicion of committing a horrific act of familicide. According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, the young teen allegedly murdered his parents and attempted to kill his sister. His identity is being withheld by authorities due to his minor status.

The suspect now stands accused of two counts of murder in addition to one count of attempted murder. He received these charges for the brutal incident that occurred on December 27. Subsequent to his arrest, the teenager has been placed in Juvenile Hall, as detailed by the sheriff’s department.

As per investigative reports, the boy is believed to have made a 911 call to report a home invasion on Wednesday night. He claimed that an intruder had invaded the house, attacked his parents, and then made a hasty escape in a pickup truck.

When deputies arrived at the scene of the crime, they encountered the tragic sight of two adults who had lost their lives. They were later identified as Lue Yang and Se Vang, aged 37. Moreover, an 11-year-old girl, the suspect’s sister, was discovered critically injured.

There was a fifth family member present- a 7-year-old brother of the suspect– who fortunately escaped the grim scene unharmed. He is now safely staying with extended family.

Sheriff John Zanoni commented on the incident during Friday’s press briefing, addressing the situation as a tragedy. He urged parents to stay vigilant and stay connected with their children, being mindful of their mental state.

The sheriff’s department further informed that the family and the 14-year-old boy had had no prior encounters with law enforcement at their residence. As the investigation is still in progress, they are planning to conduct additional interviews, including inquiries into the boy’s behavior at school. Presently, the motive behind these violent acts is not identified.