Teen girl fights her mom to save sister after her other sibling was killed

A grim tragedy unfolded in South Carolina when a mother was accused of fatally drowning one of her children and attempting to murder another.

Authorities confirmed that the oldest daughter averted a more extensive tragedy by intervening in time to rescue her younger sibling.

The accused, 37-year-old Jamie Bradley Brun, was taken into custody on charges of murder and attempted murder following the incident early Friday at their home on St. Helena Island, Beaufort County.

The horrific nature of the crime was highlighted by Sheriff P.J. Tanner, who refrained from sharing any motive behind Brun’s attempt on her children’s lives, citing his lack of expertise in mental health.

Details of the event reveal the exceptional courage exhibited by Brun’s 16-year-old daughter. Awoken by her 8-year-old sister’s screams around 1:30 a.m., the teenager swiftly intervened in the disturbing situation unfolding in the bathroom. In a heroic act, she managed to pull her younger sister away from their mother and ran to a nearby relative’s house to alert authorities.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered Brun and her 6-year-old daughter, who tragically could not be revived despite attempts by paramedics and officers to administer CPR. The arrest escalated when Brun attempted to seize a deputy’s gun, leading to the use of a Taser to detain her.

Currently held without bond, Brun’s legal representation remains unconfirmed as per jail and court records. Meanwhile, her rescued 8-year-old daughter seems to have avoided serious injuries. Both surviving siblings are currently under the care of other family members.

Brun’s past records showed no history of arrests in South Carolina, but authorities had been called to the house about two years ago, following a school employee’s concern over a child’s mental health.

Sheriff Tanner indicated there was further information yet to be shared.