Texas Governor to Biden: Now It Is Your Problem

First Texas bus drops off migrants blocks from US Capitol in Washington, DC – Fox News.

Governor Abbot of Texas came up with a new solution to the millions of migrants Joe Biden invited to walk across the border.  Round them up and bus them out straight to Washington D.C., where they will be unloaded and set free to free range on the streets of the U.S. Capitol.  His move is a pure gesture as busing all migrants would be systemically impossible. Still, it may draw attention to the White House’s sloppy policymaking and how it impacts actual local communities.

Whether or not you support making America an “open door,” you have to admire politicians willing to find outside-of-the-box solutions to real problems we have today.  After all, did Americans vote just to let anyone who wanted to walk in undocumented do so?  Per Biden, do we not have to be gravely concerned about Russia (we do) and China?  Both nations have tens of thousands of agents and spies in South America that can walk in now.

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