Toddler’s Death Ruled a Homicide Due to Fentanyl Intoxication

The Baltimore Police Department has announced that the death of 2-year-old Journey Sharp has been ruled a homicide caused by fentanyl intoxication.

On January 15, first responders found the unresponsive toddler in a Parkton Street home. However, they didn’t notice any evidence of trauma on her body.

The child was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy conducted by medical examiners revealed on March 10 that Sharp’s death resulted from drug intoxication. They determined that the deadly drug that she was exposed to was fentanyl.

The baby girl was commemorated in a GoFundMe campaign. The fundraising page is aimed at raising money for her funeral expenses. In the campaign page, she was described as full of peace, joy, and love for everyone she met.

No arrests have been made in connection with the case as of now. However, the police department stated in its press release that homicide charges are pending in connection to the case.

Further details regarding who may be charged in relation to the incident remain unclear.