Tourists stabbed in Puerto Rico for filming this famous neighborhood

On Monday morning, three American tourists were attacked with knives in Puerto Rico after being warned not to take any videos in La Perla, the area made popular by the worldwide hit “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. According to the police, their continued filming was the motive behind the attack.

The incident took place around 4 a.m. in a well-known neighborhood. Carlos Sanchez Brown, a 39-year-old tourist from South Carolina, began to take a video of a hamburger stand. However, he was told by several locals in the area to cease filming and leave.

Brown was joined by Wallace Florence, 37, from South Carolina, and Jackson Tremayne, 38, from Georgia.

Allegedly, the visitors did not respond to the warning and kept taking videos. It was not long before a suspect, described as a person with fair skin and long white hair, reportedly attacked Florence with a hit to the head.

Three travelers attempted to evade pursuit by journeying to the Old San Juan district. however, they soon discovered that they were being trailed, according to police.

When the three tourists arrived at Imperial Street close to the Museum of Art and History, they were met with a person holding a knife. Brown was stabbed in the left forearm and Tremayne was violently stabbed six times. Tremayne suffered from wounds inflicted on the left side of his chest, upper left side of the abdomen, left arm, and back.

Tremayne and Brown were taken via ambulance to a nearby hospital. However, Florence refused to accept medical care. No updates were given on the status of the victims and no arrests have been made at this time.