Tragic school shooting kills nine victims

A premeditated school shooting recently took place in Belgrade, Serbia. The devastating incident has left nine people dead, including eight students and a school guard.

The teenage gunman, Kosta Kecmanovic, a 13-year-old student at the Vladislav Ribnikar school, carefully mapped out his attack. He sketched out the classrooms and created a list of intended targets.

The tragic incident began when Kecmanovic killed a school guard and three students in a hallway before moving to a nearby classroom. After entering the room, he continued to fire at the students and their teacher. Some students managed to escape through a back door during the chaos.

Authorities were made aware of the shooting when Kecmanovic called the police himself to report the attack.

Kecmanovic used his father’s licensed handgun for the attack, which he had managed to access by knowing the safe’s code. His father was subsequently arrested. Police found a sketch of classrooms and a list of students Kecmanovic intended to “liquidate” during his month-long planning for the shooting.

The aftermath of the incident left six children and a teacher hospitalized. Footage from local media showed the teenage shooter, his head covered, being led to a police car as the area around the school was cordoned off. Authorities were later seen carrying body bags to a waiting van.