Twelve-year-old girl stabbed in school hallway

QUEENS, NY – A shocking assault occurred at a school in Queens when a 12-year-old girl was stabbed by a fellow student of the same age, as reported by the police. The incident took place around noon inside the Pathways College Preparatory School, located in the same building as I.S. 192 The Linden in Hollis.

Following the assault, the young student was rushed to Cohen Children’s Medical Center with a stab wound in her left hand, where she remains in stable condition.

The authorities have taken a ‘person of interest’ into custody. This individual, also a 12-year-old attending the school, was pinpointed as a key player in the incident.

According to spokesperson Jenna Lyle, the Department of Education enacted an immediate lockdown following the student altercation. She emphasized the department’s main commitment to student safety. Lyle promised emotional support for any student who needed it in light of this violent incident.

In an unusual step, the NYPD performed a ‘reverse-scanning’ process for weapons on students already within the building. The school does not usually implement the use of metal detectors.

This disturbing event surfaces barely 48 hours after another student assault, where a 14-year-old boy at M.S. 246 Walt Whitman in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was slashed in the chest during a fight with a 13-year-old peer.