Two dead, five injured in Amarillo shooting

Amarillo Police Department officials have released details about a shooting incident that occurred at an events center in Amarillo, resulting in the deaths of two individuals and injuries to five others. The incident took place in the early hours of July 9, and law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene following reports of a shooting with multiple casualties. The events center is located in a shopping center on South Georgia Street. According to the Amarillo Police Department, the altercation broke out during a party, and gunfire erupted amidst the chaos.

Upon arriving at the scene at approximately 12:54 a.m., officers discovered that a fight had broken out among some of the party guests, leading to the shooting. The Amarillo Police Department stated that seven individuals were injured. One of the victims of the shooting tragically succumed to their injuries at the scene of the crime.

The remaining six victims were transported to nearby emergency rooms by both AMR and private vehicles. Tragically, one of the injured victims was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the other five are expected to recover from their injuries. The authorities have notified the family of the deceased.

The victims have been identified as Semagea D. Smith, 32, and Dequincton T. Taylor, 28, according to the Amarillo Police Department. The incident is currently under investigation by the Amarillo Police Homicide Unit.

Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the incident, and they are seeking the public’s assistance in gathering information that may aid in the resolution of the case. Officials are urging residents with any information about the shooting to contact the Amarillo Crime Stoppers line.