Two teens arrested for high school stabbing attack

NEW YORK, NY – Two teenagers have been charged in relation to a stabbing incident at a high school in Queens, New York. According to law enforcement, the incident transpired around 1:15 p.m. on Thursday at Martin Van Buren High School on Hillside Avenue.

The altercation resulted in two 17-year-old students being stabbed, one in the shoulder and the other in the abdomen. Both were reported to be in stable condition following the incident.

Students at the schools recounted the tense moments during the subsequent lockdown. Sophomore Kyle Morgan saw one of the injured students being stretchered out, bandaged around the shoulder. He said it was worrying when the principal announced a lockdown over the loudspeaker as such an occurrence was a first for the school.

Parents voiced their concerns regarding the situation, calling it “terrifying” and “unfortunate.” Many expressed the need for metal detectors to be installed in all schools for increased safety. Meanwhile, some students, still rattled by the incident, expressed their desire to switch schools.

The police are still investigating the sequence of events that led to the stabbing. According to their sources, a knife was found at the scene and a loaded handgun was discovered on one of the victims. Three students were taken into custody, with at least one charged with criminal possession of a weapon.