Unknown teenager dies after his unconscious body was dropped off at hospital

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – An ongoing investigation by the local Sheriff’s Office is shedding light on the mysterious death of an unidentified teenage boy whose unconscious body was dropped at a northwest Harris County hospital, as reported by Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The request for public assistance was announced by the sheriff on social media Wednesday as authorities attempt to unravel the circumstances surrounding this puzzling case.

Law enforcement was alerted to the situation at Houston NW Hospital, located at 710 FM 1960 Road West, around 3 p.m. Officers reported that an unconscious male, believed to be aged between 15 and 17 years old, was left at the hospital by a female and two males. The trio quickly drove off in a white vehicle.

Authorities are relying on surveillance video and a number of leads to locate these individuals, informed Sgt. Sidney Miller of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Regrettably, despite efforts from the medical team, the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. The estimated time of death and cause will be determined by a forensic examination, as Miller noted, stating, “He definitely appeared to be deceased for a while.”

While the investigations are concentrated on the hospital for now, Miller hinted at possible connections with past incidents. A previous call that might pertain to the case is currently being scrutinized to find any correlation.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone possessing crucial information on the case to contact them.