Utah teen arrested for shooting and killing friend

SOUTH SALT LAKE, UT – An 18-year-old man was arrested in South Salt Lake on Friday after a shooting incident that ended in the death of his friend. Arrest documents revealed several charges against Anthony Raymond Woodrow including murder, firearm transaction by a restricted person, felony discharge of a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault.

According to police, Woodrow had been drinking heavily and also admitted to marijuana use earlier on the day of the incident. The victim and Woodrow had a heated text exchange prior to the shooting, which culminated in the victim’s visit to Woodrow’s residence.

Arrest documents indicated that after a verbal altercation broke out, the victim intended to leave, but was threatened by Woodrow. This elicited an aggressive response from the victim, charging at Woodrow. Woodrow then drew a concealed firearm, shooting at the victim between five and six times, as mentioned in the documents.

Following the altercation, Woodrow contacted the authorities admitting to the shooting. His parents were also detained as investigations at the scene began, leading to Woodrow’s arrest. The victim was transported to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

Police reports also revealed that upon the arrival of the victim, both Woodrow and his intoxicated father had armed themselves. This was before soothing words from Woodrow’s father led them to put their weapons down. It’s mentioned in the affidavit that after an escalating verbal altercation involving the victim, Woodrow’s mother and Woodrow himself, the parents intervened. However, their efforts didn’t prevent the tragic outcome when Woodrow threatened and then shot his victim.

Following the incident, officers executed a search warrant, collecting several firearms and security camera footage from the residence. Woodrow is in custody at the Salt Lake County Jail, while his parents were also briefly detained.