Wife brutally murdered by husband the day after their wedding anniversary

A Georgia mother of four, 32-year-old Casey Allen, was tragically killed by her husband, Christopher Dean Snow, 31. The murder took place just a day after they celebrated their wedding anniversary. Gainesville Police Department officers discovered Allen’s lifeless body at her apartment on April 15th, following a request for a welfare check.

The couple, who had welcomed their first child together in December, seemed to have a loving relationship according to relatives. Allen was a dedicated mother and member of the management team at Carter’s Oshkosh.

On April 14th, Allen and Snow left their infant with Snow’s aunt, while Allen’s ex-husband cared for her three older children. The couple spent their anniversary at a Build-A-Bear workshop, a comedy club, and dinner before returning home. The following morning, Snow appeared at his aunt’s house, claiming he and Allen had argued and he couldn’t find her.

It was Snow’s aunt who requested the welfare check that led to the shocking discovery of Allen’s beaten and stabbed body.

Police apprehended Snow in Gwinnett County after a severe car accident on Interstate 85. He was arrested on April 19th and faces charges of murder, battery, assault, and a probation violation. Agee revealed that authorities informed her Snow had attempted suicide by crashing into a freeway median.

In retrospect, there were warning signs of trouble before the couple’s wedding. Allen had confided in her sister that Snow had been physically aggressive with her once before but reassured her that he had apologized.

Allen, originally from Syracuse, New York, is survived by her four children, aged between 3.5 months and 7 years old. Due to the extent of her injuries, an open casket was not possible, and she was cremated.