Woman arrested for murdering her three roommates

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VA – A woman from Virginia, aged 23, has been arrested in upstate New York following a high-speed chase that reached velocities of up to 100mph. Alyssa Jane Venable was wanted in relation to the death of her three roommates, all aged between their 60s and 70s.

On Tuesday evening, deputies from the sheriff’s office in Spotsylvania County, northeast Virginia, discovered two male corpses and one female corpse bearing upper body trauma during a welfare check at a house in Fredericksburg. Investigators identified Venable, a shared tenancy with the victims, as the primary suspect. She was consequently wanted on three charges of second-degree murder and additional firearms offenses.

State Police troopers in Steuben County, New York, attempted to pull over a grey 2009 Honda Civic, suspected of being Venable’s car, on Thursday evening. However, the driver refused, instigating a car chase reaching triple-digit speeds. Venable’s vehicle crashed after law enforcement deployed a tire deflation device.

Following the crash, Venable was apprehended and sent to a hospital for a routine check-up without any incident. No casualties were recorded among the public or law enforcement members. Arrangements for Venable’s extradition to Virginia are ongoing.

The deceased were identified as Robert John McGuire, 77, Gregory Scott Powell, 60, and Carol Anne Reese, 65. Court records from May showed that Venable was previously charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. The public defender’s office in Fredericksburg, billed as Venable’s attorney in the earlier case, didn’t immediately respond to comments.

Additional information about Venable’s relationship with the victims is still withheld.