Woman arrested for stabbing 10-year-old sister to death

ENFIELD, NC – A tragic incident unfolded in Halifax County when a 10-year-old child was found dead, allegedly stabbed to death by their older sister, the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office reported. During late hours on Tuesday, deputies responded to a missing child alert in Enfield. The missing child was found by their mother in the backyard, bearing multiple stab wounds and not showing signs of life.

On conducting further investigation, the officials determined that the fatal injuries were inflicted indoors, and later, the child’s body was moved outside the house.

In relation to the horrifying incident, the victim’s 22-year-old sister, Kaneijah Zyir Bradley, was apprehended. She now faces murder charges and is confined to the Halifax County Detention Center without bond, with her court appearance scheduled for January 25th.

Sharing his sentiments on the heartbreaking event, Sheriff Tyree Davis mentioned, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family,” while also acknowledging the incident’s uncertainty surrounding the motive. The incident is still being investigated.

The suspect, Bradley, isn’t new to law enforcement intervention. Records show that in April 2023, Bradley was held accountable for assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting severe injury, and theft of a motor vehicle.

These charges stemmed from a domestic violence situation in which she reportedly lacerated her boyfriend with a box cutter while he was driving and absconded with his car once he pulled over and exited the vehicle due to the injuries sustained.