Woman attacked by venomous snake that fell from the sky

A woman in Silsbee, Texas, had a harrowing experience when a snake fell from the sky and wrapped itself around her arm, only to be attacked by a hawk. Peggy Jones, who was mowing her lawn with her husband, found herself caught in the crossfire of a battle between the two animals. The incident occurred on July 25, leaving Jones traumatized and injured.

Jones was going about her business, mowing the lawn on her property, when a snake suddenly dropped onto her arm. She believes that a hawk was carrying the snake, as there were no trees nearby. The snake quickly wrapped itself around her arm, striking at her face and glasses. Despite her attempts to shake it off, the snake clung on. In a state of panic, Jones screamed for help and called out to Jesus. Just as suddenly as the snake appeared, a hawk swooped in and grabbed the snake, attempting to carry it away. In the struggle, the hawk’s talons tore into Jones’ arm, causing severe injuries.

Jones managed to escape the ordeal and ran towards her husband, covered in blood and hysterical. He rushed her to Altus Hospital, where she received treatment for puncture wounds, cuts, abrasions, scratches, and severe bruising. Jones was given antibiotics and stayed up all night monitoring her wounds, unsure if the snake was venomous. The traumatic experience left her in a state of shock, fearing for her life at one point. Two weeks later, her arm is still bandaged, and she is struggling to sleep, haunted by the ordeal.

Living in rural Texas, Jones had encountered wildlife before, but nothing like this. While hawks are known to prey on snakes, witnessing such a battle up close was a terrifying experience for her.