Woman held hostage inside of her own apartment by violent man

Late Monday night, a 57-year-old woman in Seattle’s Chinatown International District sought help from police officers, bleeding from a head wound. The victim reported meeting a man who invited her to an apartment near the 1000 block of S Jackson Street.

Upon discovering they lived in the same building, the suspect brandished a knife and forced the woman into her own apartment.

Once inside, the man assaulted the woman, who tried to flee but was dragged back into the apartment. The suspect then threatened to kill her and her son if she reported the incident to the authorities.

Eventually, the suspect fell asleep, allowing the victim to escape and contact the police. The Seattle Fire Department arrived on the scene to provide medical assistance for her non-life-threatening injuries.

In the meantime, the 57-year-old male suspect barricaded himself inside the victim’s apartment. After obtaining a search warrant, the police called in SWAT to apprehend the suspect.

The man was arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault, harassment, and other related crimes. He was subsequently booked into King County Jail.