Woman Shot To Death At Gas Station By Alleged Stalker With Criminal Past

D’Angelo L. Fisher, of Kansas City, is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault or attempted murder, two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

On Aug. 13, Kansas City police officers were summoned to a gas station and convenience store where two gunshot victims were found. One woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the other man was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Video surveillance showed the suspect exit a white Chevy Malibu as the victims were walking through the store’s doorway. The suspect shot the victims as they were walking through the entrance, and then drove away from the scene. The surviving gunshot victim gave no further information to investigators.

Police responded to a shooting at a gas station near Independence Avenue and Maple Boulevard around 10 a.m. on Aug. 13, 2022. They arrested Fisher for 23-year-old Myana Henderson’s murder and found him with a handgun, which is illegal because he is a felon. Henderson had been paroled in February after two first-degree robbery convictions, but was prohibited from possessing a gun.

Police interviewed several witnesses who said a man had been stalking the victim for about a month before the shooting. The man was recently released from prison and had a tattoo on his face.

One eyewitness saw the two victims walking together toward the store, as well as the suspect’s white car parked beside one of the gas pumps. The witness claims that the shooter was wearing an orange hoodie and bandanna around his face emerged from the car.

Crime scene investigators collected nine shell casings from the shooting scene and contacted Fisher’s parole officer. They reviewed video records of traffic stops and arrested Fisher, who was carrying a semi-automatic handgun at the time, authorities allege.

Fisher was arrested Oct. 31, authorities allege, and declined to speak outside the presence of a lawyer when asked why detectives wanted to speak with him.