16-Year-Old Driver Dies In Police Chase Car Crash

16-year-old identified in deadly Sacramento-area law enforcement chase that ended in a crash – KCRA Sacramento

A 16-year-old driver has died and another juvenile has been injured after a high-speed police chase in Sacramento.

Authorities say a car was chasing a police officer after they tried to pull it over for a vehicle code violation. Three minutes later, the chase was called off and all officers stopped pursuing the car.

The driver of a vehicle failed to yield to police, was driving erratically, and created a danger to the public. This caused the police to initiate a pursuit, which ended with the death of the driver.

Deputies with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office picked up the chase after the Sacramento Police Department canceled theirs. The driver of the car crashed into a tree near Norwood and Main Avenues, killing himself and one other passenger.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the chase that led to the crash, and the Sacramento Police Department is investigating the crash itself. Deputies did not attempt intervention techniques before the crash, and are investigating whether an item was thrown out of the suspect’s car during the chase.

Considering how the crashed car became wrapped up in a tree, no one suspected anyone in the incident to survive. However, the second juvenile passenger in the car survived the crash and was taken to the hospital.

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