4-Year-Old Finally Found After Surviving In The Woods Alone For 2 Days

Missing 4-year-old found safe in Montana after two days on his own outdoors – NBC News

What would you do if your child was lost in the woods for two days straight? For any parent, this would be their worst nightmare. For the Webb family, this nightmare became a chilling reality.

A 4-year-old boy by the name of Ryker Webb went missing on Friday while playing with his family’s dog in the Kootenai National Forest. His family later reported him missing and a frantic search for the young child began.

Over the next two days, dog teams and ATVs combed the ground, while a boat unit and Montana Air National Guard helicopters searched from the sky for Ryker. There were also over 50 people on the ground searching for the little boy.

He was finally recovered by officials on Sunday “in good spirits” despite being “hungry, thirsty, and cold.” He was found in Sanders County, about 2.4 miles from where he went missing.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said weather conditions made it difficult to get air assets into the Bull Lake valley. Thunderstorms and heavy rain were both major issues during the search, making it even more miraculous that the young boy was found alive.

It’s terrifying for an adult to be left to their own devices in the Montana wilderness, let alone a 4-year-old with no skills or resources.

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