Climbing Guide Dies On The Job Due To Unstable Conditions

Oregon climbing guide dies, 4 climbers injured after falls on Mt. Shasta due to unstable ice – Mount Shasta Herald Three climbers were injured and a guide was killed on Mt. Shasta due to unstable ice. The sheriff’s office is advising climbers not to summit for the next couple of days. A California Highway Patrol helicopter airlifted Jillian Elizabeth Webster, 32, of Redmond, Oregon, and two other climbers to Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta …


CRIME: New York Thug Threw Woman onto Train Tracks – Found and Arrested

Man arrested after woman seen being shoved onto New York City subway tracks – NBC News New York City police arrested Theodore Ellis, 30, for assault and reckless endangerment after someone recognized his image from Crime Stoppers fliers. Ellis, who lives five miles from the crime scene, is expected to appear before a judge late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Transit crime in New York appears to be on the rise, but the data says it’s …


Matthew McConaughey Gives Emotional Speech About Shooting In His Hometown Uvalde

Matthew McConaughey pleads for responsible gun ownership in emotional White House press briefing- Fox News Matthew McConaughey said gun laws should be changed and argued that “people in power have failed to act” after 19 students and two teachers were killed by an 18-year-old shooter at a Texas school. McConaughey said he supports new legislation for more gun control after the school shooting in his hometown that left 19 children and 2 adults dead. He …


4-Year-Old Finally Found After Surviving In The Woods Alone For 2 Days

Missing 4-year-old found safe in Montana after two days on his own outdoors – NBC News

What would you do if your child was lost in the woods for two days straight? For any parent, this would be their worst nightmare. For the Webb family, this nightmare became a chilling reality.

A 4-year-old boy by the name of Ryker Webb went missing on Friday while playing with his family’s dog in the Kootenai National Forest. His family later reported him missing and a frantic search for the young child began.

Over the next two days, dog teams and ATVs combed the ground, while a boat unit and Montana Air National Guard helicopters searched from the sky for Ryker. There were also over 50 people on the ground searching for the little boy.

He was finally recovered by officials on Sunday “in good spirits” despite being “hungry, thirsty, and cold.” He was found in Sanders County, about 2.4 miles from where he went missing.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said weather conditions made it difficult to get air assets into the Bull Lake valley. Thunderstorms and heavy rain were both major issues during the search, making it even more miraculous that the young boy was found alive.

It’s terrifying for an adult to be left to their own devices in the Montana wilderness, let alone a 4-year-old with no skills or resources.

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This Cancer Trial Has Shocking Results- Every Patient Is Now In Remission!

NYC Cancer Trial Delivers ‘Unheard-of’ Result: Complete Remission for Everyone – NBC New York A small cancer trial led by doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering and backed by drug maker GlaxoSmithKline has achieved a result reportedly never before seen – the total remission of cancer in all of its patients. The patients had rectal cancer and a rare mutation, but were treated with a drug. None of the patients had clinically significant side effects after …


Mass Shooting Leaves 3 Dead And 11 Wounded In Philadelphia

At least 12 dead in another weekend of mass shootings across America – NBC News

At least 12 people were killed in at least 38 mass shootings across America over the weekend, more than the previous three-day weekend that ended with Memorial Day.

As Americans debate new gun regulations in the wake of the horrific Uvalde school attack, gun violence continued unabated. There have been even more mass shooter attacks, the latest being in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Several shooters opened fire in the South Street area of Philadelphia, killing at least three people and wounding 11 others, police said. Two handguns were recovered at the scene, including one with an extended magazine, police said.

A man fired his handgun into a crowd, and the officer fired several times, striking the man. Gregory Jackson, Alexis Quinn and a 22-year-old man were shot and died from their injuries. Eleven people were wounded.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney ordered a curfew in part of downtown Philadelphia on Sunday night, citing “patterns of recent violence” and “ongoing safety concerns.”

The Philadelphia shooting follows several high-profile shootings, including those at a supermarket, an elementary school, and a hospital. President Biden has called on Congress to act on proposals to curb sales of semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 in response to these shootings.

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Economic Experts Say That A Recession Can Be Avoided

US Recession Is Avoidable If Fed Is Able to ‘Thread the Needle’ – Bloomberg The US economy is strong, and it has more than $2 trillion in excess cash on household balance sheets. A recession is unlikely in the immediate future, but it could happen next year if the Federal Reserve succeeds in reining in surging prices. Biden urges economic confidence despite inflation challenge, but says it will be “very tight” because risks are high. …


This Is What Happens To Astronauts’ Health During Deep Space Travel

Astronauts face mental and emotional challenges for deep space travel. Scientists are working on solutions – CNN

The International Space Station has served as a backdrop for scientists trying to understand what truly happens to the human body in the space environment.

NASA and Weill Cornell Medicine conducted a study on Scott Kelly’s experience after spending nearly a year in space. The study found that Scott missed the weather and people on Earth.

NASA plans to return humans to the moon and Mars through the Artemis program. A big question is whether humans are mentally and emotionally prepared.

A study in 2021 had participants rest in a special bed with their heads tilted down at a 6-degree angle for nearly two months. They completed cognitive tests designed for astronauts to test if experiencing artificial gravity for 30 minutes per day could prevent negative effects.

A study suggests that astronauts’ ability to read each other’s emotional expressions may be impaired over time.

A 2021 study published in Acta Astronautica found that people spending months at research stations in Antarctica reported a decline in positive emotions and used fewer effective strategies to boost positive emotions.

NASA’s Human Research Program is developing countermeasures to help astronauts combat muscle and bone loss, and to combat feelings of isolation. One idea is to help astronauts work together toward a common goal.

The Human Research Program is studying the traits that may be necessary in deep space explorers, such as self-reliance and problem-solving.

Growing vegetables on the space station has been a rewarding and tasty experience for previous crews, but guided imagery and virtual reality capabilities may be necessary to remind astronauts of their sensory connection to “the blue marble” in the future.

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New Developments In The Uvalde School Shooting Case Revealed

Here are the biggest shifts in the official account of the Uvalde school shooting – NPR

The official narrative of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has changed drastically since news of an active shooter emerged on May 24. The changing details have rocked public faith in the police and other institutions.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said police officers and school district officers “immediately breached” the school after the shooting. He said it likely took 40 minutes to an hour for the gunman to be killed by a Border Patrol tactical unit.

McCraw gave a detailed timeline of the shooting, saying that the incident commander stopped treating the situation as an active shooter scenario, judging that the gunman had barricaded himself inside.

The New York Times examined the police response to the May 24 shooting at a Texas school and found that communication breakdowns and tactical decisions that were out of step with years of police preparations may have contributed to additional deaths and delayed critical medical attention to the wounded.

The federal review of the police response to the mass shooting came after numerous politicians called for an outside analysis. The police union CLEAT advised its members to cooperate fully with any government inquiry.

The Justice Department is reviewing the Robb Elementary shooting to identify lessons learned and help prepare other communities.

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BREAKING: Tiger King Star Arrested By The FBI

FBI arrests Doc Antle of ‘Tiger King’ fame – New York Post “Tiger King” star Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, the owner of the Myrtle Beach Safari was arrested on money laundering charges Friday evening. PETA called for an investigation into Antle’s zoo and the nonprofit he heads, Rare Species Fund, after he allegedly used charitable donations to fund the zoo. WMBF News reached out to the Myrtle Beach Safari for comment, but have not received a …