Police find man’s dead body hidden under a pile of clothes

In Forest City, North Carolina, a 62-year-old woman faces charges after allegedly hiding the body of an 82-year-old man in her residence. June Brown is currently held under a $200,000 bond at the Burke County Jail, charged with concealing a dead body.

On May 16th, Forest City Police Department responded to a distress call concerning a potential deceased individual at Manor Apartments on South Church Street. Detective Chris Hopper and his team promptly made their way to the site.

Brown, the apartment’s resident, eventually allowed police to enter. Upon stepping inside, the officers were met with a grim discovery: they found the body of an elderly man under a clothes pile. The man was later identified as 82-year-old Karl Buehner.

According to Detective Hopper, Brown and Buehner were known to each other and had recently established a relationship. While investigations into the cause of Buehner’s death continue, initial assumptions lean towards a possible overdose. It is suspected that Brown, rather than alerting authorities, chose to keep the deceased body hidden.

Medical examiners believe Buehner’s body may have lain undiscovered from the previous night until the police arrival at approximately 5 p.m. the next day.

Brown was taken into custody on May 31st. As the investigation unfolds, additional charges may be leveled against her, pending the autopsy results.