Youth football coach shot multiple times during dispute with a parent

ST. LOUIS, MO – A youth football team’s season came to an abrupt end when their coach was shot multiple times, allegedly by a disgruntled parent upset that his son wasn’t a starting player, according to court documents. The incident unfolded on October 10th during a practice session for the Bad Boyz Team, led by coach Shaquille Latimore, at Sherman Park in north St. Louis.

Latimore, who was found near the football field with multiple gunshot wounds, was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery. Fortunately, he is now in recovery after sustaining four gunshot wounds, as detailed in court records.

Daryl Brian Clemmons, the father of one of the players on Latimore’s team, was arrested in connection with the shooting. He faces charges of first-degree assault in addition to armed criminal action, as outlined in court documents. His attorney has not issued a response to inquiries at this time.

However, Clemmons’ brother, Jason Clemmons, disputes Latimore’s account that the shooting resulted from an argument about his nephew’s playing time. According to Jason Clemmons, a prior dispute between his brother and the coach escalated, and Daryl Clemmons was acting in self-defense. Witnesses have also provided conflicting accounts, with some suggesting that the coach was the aggressor.

“It wasn’t over my nephew,” Jason Clemmons stated in an interview. Attempts to contact him for further comment were unsuccessful, and coach Latimore declined to provide a statement.

A parent of another team member claimed that the coach initiated the confrontation by leaving the field during practice to confront Daryl Clemmons. This parent, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisal, contended that the coach should have remained on the field and stated that Daryl Clemmons had repeatedly asked Latimore to leave him alone before the situation escalated.

Following a series of incidents involving adults and culminating in the shooting, the City of St. Louis Recreation Division decided to suspend the football team. In a statement, the division emphasized the importance of upholding league rules to ensure the safety and success of the youth participants, aged 5 to 13.