Active shooter alert on university campus

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago law enforcement is on the hunt for female suspect who allegedly opened fire during a large altercation on Northwestern University’s campus, causing the college to implement an active shooter lockdown. The incident occurred close to Wieboldt Hall on East Chicago Avenue at around 9.06 PM on Monday, resulting in the university announcing an “Active Threat event” six minutes later via their official safety and security website.

Video evidence online reportedly depicts a woman extracting a handgun amidst an intense argument with a male individual on a street. After a shot is fired, she is disentangled and contained by a group of other women. The university’s faculty and students were directed to shelter in place as police officers converged upon the campus, and after approximately 30 minutes, the lockdown was lifted.

Despite an announcement from the university authorities that “assailants were in custody”, the police report contradicted this, emphasizing that no arrests had been made thus far. Northwestern students who were present at the time of the event shared their experience with CBS2, citing confusion and fear as their initial reactions. One student noted, “I think just not knowing is the scariest part”. Another emphasized that even though she was relieved by the all-clear, she still felt shaken by the incident.

Wieboldt Hall, the location of the disturbance, houses the university’s Kellogg School of Management, and both students and staff were present during the unfolding event. Late in the night, Northwestern University police officers continued to interview potential eyewitnesses at the scene. However, Chicago Police have confirmed that there have been no known injuries from the incident.