Alaska man arrested after threatening to skin U.S. Senator

KENAI, AK – A 46-year-old man from Alaska, identified as Arther Graham, has been arrested and charged with making threats to kidnap a U.S. senator, alongside disturbing claims of violence. Authorities allege that Graham, seemingly grappling with eviction and financial struggles, sent a chilling message via a web submission form in September that threatened to harm an unidentified female senator.

In the message, Graham expressed frustration with his impending eviction, stating that his landlady had urged him to find a new place to live. He then made a series of disturbing threats, declaring his intention to hunt down the senator, remove her skin, and wear it as clothing. He further claimed that he might resort to this extreme act because he had nowhere else to live.

Graham’s message also included bizarre references to his personal circumstances, such as the impending loss of his parents’ house and his plans to use his mother’s municipal bonds for kindling in a hypothetical homeless encampment.

Although the federal indictment does not specify the targeted senator, it is noted that Alaska is represented in the Senate by Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. Congressional staff members reported the threatening message to the FBI and Capitol Police on October 2, leading to an investigation.

A subpoena for the email address provided in the submission form eventually led investigators to Graham. Remarkably, Graham had used different contact information but had signed the message with his full name, allowing law enforcement to track him down.

FBI agents interviewed Graham at his residence in Kenai, Alaska, where he allegedly confessed to sending the threatening email and acknowledged that he was committing a federal offense in doing so. Graham was subsequently arrested on October 30 and charged with using interstate communications to threaten to kidnap and injure. He is scheduled to appear in federal court to face these charges.

If convicted, Graham could potentially face up to five years of imprisonment for his actions.