Deadly shooting kills 3-year-old boy, mom injured

LANGLEY PARK, MD – Tragedy struck in Maryland as a young boy of three became a victim of fatal gunshot wounds while his mother was left severely injured. The unfortunate incident took place at approximately 5:35 pm on Thursday, close to the Bedford Station Apartments in Langley Park.

Upon hearing multiple gunshots, officers from Prince George’s County Police swiftly converged at the scene. There, they uncovered a harrowing sight – a mother and her son both bearing gunshot injuries. Prince George’s County Assistant Police Chief, Vernon Hale III, held a press briefing briefing detailing the incident.

Emergency services were promptly dispatched, with paramedics transferring the child to the Children’s National Hospital. However, his injuries proved fatal and he was pronounced dead at the facility. His mother was transported to a D.C. hospital, where she is now reported to be in a stable state and not under any life-threatening condition.

As the police force continues to hunt down the perpetrators of the crime, Hale highlighted the horrific outcome caused by the careless use of guns, lamenting the loss of an innocent life. He iterated his hope that the boy wasn’t intentionally targeted while expressing deep empathy for the mother of the child.

Hale appealed to community members to come forward with any information that could aid investigators in their quest to bring the culprits to justice. He emphasized that sharing useful information was not a breach of trust or ‘snitching’, but a way to ensure justice for victims.

For any information leading to an arrest and successful conviction, the police department has announced a reward of up to $25,000.