Armed man killed at gas station in police-involved shooting

PIKESVILLE, MD – A 20-year-old man was shot by a Baltimore County police officer at a Pikesville gas station on Tuesday. Sha-Kim Akil Webley from Windsor Mill was identified as the man shot after a reported domestic incident at a nearby hotel led him to the BP gas station on Reisterstown Road and Milford Mill.

Officers located the suspect inside the gas station, at which point he allegedly drew a weapon at the officers. The suspect sustained life-threatening injuries as he walked out of the gas station, engaging the officers, according to the Baltimore County police statement.

Witness accounts suggest that as the police followed the suspect, he attempted to feign casual activity within the store. The situation escalated rapidly as the suspect exited the gas station and reportedly opened fire towards the officers.

The standoff resulted in the gas station’s door being shattered and a bullet striking the rear window of a Baltimore County police cruiser. A video of the incident, captured by a bystander, shows a man walking out of the gas station amidst gunfire and collapsing after the volley of shots.

While not yet officially confirmed by the authorities, the Maryland Attorney General asserted on social media that the individual had died. The nearby residents expressed their shock at the unusual midday shootout, emphasizing the potential harm to the store’s staff and customers.

Three police officers involved in the incident, all wearing cameras, reportedly discharged their weapons. The case is under investigation by the attorney general’s office, which will decide when to release any video footage.