At least 40 infants and children slaughtered by Hamas terrorists in horrifying act of violence

KFAR AZA, ISRAEL – A horrifying act of violence unfolded near the Gaza border, as Hamas militants reportedly killed at least 40 infants and children at a nearby kibbutz, according to Israeli officials and journalists present at the scene. The gruesome details, shared on Tuesday, included reports of decapitations and entire families being gunned down in their homes.

Nicole Zedek, a correspondent for i24 News, reported from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, located near Sderot and approximately a quarter-mile from the Gaza Strip. She described the scene as a massacre, with infants and families brutally killed. The scale of the violence was beyond anything she could have imagined, she said.

Nic Robertson, a senior CNN correspondent, echoed Zedek’s sentiments. He reported seeing numerous murdered members of the kibbutz, including men, women, and children who had been bound, shot, and decapitated.

French journalist Margot Haddat confirmed the horrifying details via a translated tweet, stating that the scene was so gruesome that it was initially withheld until there was absolute confirmation. She cited multiple sources, including the Israeli army, internal intelligence service, and graphic images she had personally verified.

The attack on Kfar Aza was part of a larger assault by Hamas militants who crossed from Gaza into southern Israel over the weekend. This sparked a wave of violence that escalated into full-blown conflict. It is believed that around 70 Hamas militants participated in the Kfar Aza massacre, using firearms, grenades, and knives.

Gen. Itai Veruv, head of the IDF’s Depth Command, described the scene as a massacre rather than a war. He detailed the brutal killings of infants in front of their parents, and parents found dead with their children. He compared the atrocities to historical pogroms in Europe.

As of Tuesday, reservists from the Israel Defense Forces were still clearing the remains of the community. The task was made more difficult by the presence of grenades and potential booby traps in many of the homes. The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are discovered.