Banner plane involved in fatal, fiery crash

An unfortunate incident unfolded on Wednesday as a banner plane crashed in a fatal accident on a Hollywood roadway. The crash claimed the life of one occupant.

Around midday, near the commercial area of a Target parking lot and in the vicinity of Memorial Regional Hospital, the small Piper PA-25-235 plane plunged onto the roadway. Witness accounts and social media footage depicted the aftermath of the crash with the plane engulfed in flames and emitting thick plumes of black smoke.

City of Hollywood officials reported that fire rescue teams were promptly on the scene, faced with the daunting task of controlling the inferno from the single-engine plane. Aerial views of the incident captured the charred remnants of the aircraft strewn across the roadway, as firefighters used foam to suppress the flames.

Despite the successful extinguishing of the fire, the crash resulted in a tragic loss of life. Authorities have not yet publically revealed the identity of the deceased.

In a stroke of relative fortune amidst the tragedy, the plane crash did not result in any additional injuries, nor did it impact any vehicles. The area was secured, averting further potential danger or damage.