Career criminals caught robbing an Amazon delivery driver at gunpoint

This week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office revealed a dashcam video showing two career criminals perpetrating a robbery of an Amazon delivery driver at gunpoint during the middle of the day on January 13th.

The footage shows one of the suspects with a gun pressed against the driver’s neck as the other individual stands outside the truck before entering the driver’s side door. They attempted to steal packages from the delivery truck.

The two individuals were recognized as Arkimase Divinard, 22, and Joel Junior Aime, 23. The identified suspects have both been taken into custody and are now in jail.

The sheriff’s department reported that the Amazon delivery driver was unharmed in the incident.

Divinard and Aime have extensive criminal records, combining for a total of 85 felony charges and 11 felony convictions.

Divinard was recently sentenced to three years in jail for carjacking without the use of a firearm or deadly weapon, and was released in November 2022. Divinard also has prior convictions for battery on someone over 65 years old and robbery without a deadly weapon.

There was no available information in the Florida Department of Corrections database pertaining to Joel Junior Aime.

During the robbery, the men took the delivery driver’s phone and cards. In total, ten packages were taken from the truck.

They proceeded to flee from the scene in a white van, which was later found by police during Aime’s arrest. Divinard was located by the driver’s Find My iPhone app after stealing the device.

The sheriff’s office has reported that two men have been taken into custody and charged with committing robbery while in possession of a firearm.