Coronavirus mutations are not slowing down

Coronavirus mutations aren’t slowing down – The Washington Post.

Coronavirus has been with us for almost three years, and it seems there has been a variant named after every greek letter of the alphabet already, yet there is no end in sight for the mutations of this virus. We all know what the last couple of years have been like, and it has not been a picnic for most of us; we are ready to move on from this, yet the virus does not care and continues to do what a virus does. Infects, mutates, then infects again.

Since Omicron, many of us have had natural immunity or have had the jab with the added protection of including natural immunity. How far does this help us? We won’t ever know until the next time we are exposed to this virus. Hopefully, the professionals are getting a better grip on what to do, and we will learn how to live with each mutation.

What is your perspective on new variants, and what are you planning to do as you move forward?

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