Couple faces murder, child abuse charges in 7-month-old son’s death

GLENDALE, AZ – A couple in Glendale has been accused of murder and child abuse following the death of a 7-month-old boy. According to law enforcement authorities, the mother, Tina Mejia, 26, and her boyfriend, Jacob Gano, 23, were arrested after the infant was admitted to a hospital with severe injuries on March 31.

The hospital staff found that the baby had bruises all over his body and a swelling on the right side of his head. Additionally, his skull was fractured with a small laceration on his penis.

While both suspects denied causing harm to the infant, they said the injuries occurred when he fell out of bed at their apartment the night before. They also added that the infant seemed to be behaving normally, and they went to bed.

The couple allegedly engaged in buying and selling drugs the following day before taking the infant to the hospital in the evening. They both admitted to suspecting that the baby needed medical attention but deliberately decided not to immediately seek medical help.

The autopsy confirmed that the child’s death was due to a skull fracture. According to the report, “The injuries were inconsistent with a fall from 11″ high as described by Jacob and Tina.” The severity of the baby’s injury would result in severe mental alteration and continuous crying or screaming due to the pain, added the report.

The suspects were taken into custody on April 9.