Couple killed in hospital shooting

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – A devastating scene unfolded at Riverside Regional Medical Center, where an elderly couple died in an apparent murder-suicide on Sunday morning. According to reports, the situation was quickly contained and there is no longer any danger to the public.

Newport News Police Chief, Steve Drew, described the incident as a tragic event that unfolded in a hospital room. The couple, both in their late 70s, were pronounced dead at the scene. While details about the incident remain unclear, it is confirmed that the wife shot her husband before turning the gun on herself.

With the exact motive yet to be ascertained, Chief Drew reflected on the circumstances leading to the fatal event, expressing hope that ongoing investigations would provide some insight. As of now, no evidence suggests the couple had intentions of causing harm to hospital staff or others present during the incident.

Quick reactions from hospital staff resulted in an immediate lockdown, ensuring the safety of other patients and personnel. The hospital operations remained unaffected, resumed normally after the lockdown, and no other injuries were reported.

Chief Drew commended the swift and organized response from the hospital staff and police officers, highlighting their collective efforts to maintain safety amidst the crisis. His sentiments were echoed by Mayor Phillip Jones, who expressed his gratitude to those who acted promptly during this distressing event.

While the investigation progresses, law enforcement officials and the hospital are focused on averting similar incidents in the future. In response to inquiries about the incident, a spokesperson for Riverside Regional Medical Center cited the ongoing investigation as a reason for their inability to comment further at this time.